Jumat, 13 November 2009

If Your Comment Form Doesn't Work

1:41 AM Posted by Dea Maulana XI TKJ 1
confused well indeed,,, if you do not know what happened and what caused the problem was
as I experienced some time comment box that exist under the articles of this blog is not working properly ....because at the URL verify word nothing for you click on the button to post your comment ...
it happen because this code

id='comment-editor' scrolling='no'

‘no’ must change with ‘yes’

How to find the code????

Oke follow this steps

- The First you Sign In Or Log In On Your Blogger
- Second,,click Layout
- Then click Edit HTML
- And Mark,,,Expand Widget Templates
- After This Press Ctrl+F For Find The Code with easy…
- Next,,,Put This Code On search box

id='comment-editor' scrolling='no'

- Next,,,,Change ‘no’ become ‘yes’

- So The Code be like this

id='comment-editor' scrolling='yes'

- Save,.,.,.,.,,and Finish,.,.,.,.,,

This information may be useful for you,.,.,.,.

Sumber : www.deafile.co.cc

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